RemVoX - RV1

This is a mains powered speaker unit with a battery backup that allows you to address it from anywhere in the world - from a mobile, land-line or Control Suite.

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RemVoX - RV2

This is the solar-powered version of the RV1. As a totally stand-alone, carbon neutral system the RV2 is truly cutting edge.

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RemVoX - RV3

This (the RemVox RV3) is the version of the flagship RV1 that is designed for internal uses. It has all of the clever features of the RV1 but isn’t in a weatherproof casing.

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RemVoX - RF

These are the Radio Frequency versions of the RV1, RV2 and RV3 but which operate using VHF and UHF frequencies.

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This is the WiFi version of the of the RV1, RV2 and RV3, and operates in exactly the same way operationally but is only controllable via the RemVoX Control Suite.

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RemVoX - Control Suite

The RemVoX Control Suite is an intuitive touch screen system that is tailored to your own situation.

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Assault Protection


Theft Protection

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