About Remvox Security Solutions

We are a very innovative and (we think) clever R&D company who manufacture and install class-leading and patented specialist electronics, audio intervention and crime prevention products.

We have developed a unique range of products which are, quite simply, cutting edge. We own patents on the technologies and are constantly finding new ways to solve problems for existing and new customers.

We don’t do standing still very well so are a very vibrant, animated, ideas driven and forward thinking company to work with (as our many customers and visitors will testify). Working with Remvox is not dull.

Our Head Office is in Leyland, Lancashire, United Kingdom and we cover the whole of the UK from those offices.

We are also looking to partner with overseas companies in order to broaden our global market.

Our products are all designed from the user’s viewpoint to make them simple and intuitive to install and operate.

We are not sector specific and work across numerous markets including construction, town centres, supermarkets, shopping centres, factories, schools, colleges, universities, airports, football clubs, care homes, hospitals, zoos and theme parks.

We’d love to work with you too and can offer you a truly bespoke solution that meets your requirements and always within your budget.

Give us a call on 01772 364380 to see how we can help you.