Warranty, Maintenance & Service

We believe that you the customer should have the very best service we can offer and so all Remvox products are well designed, simple to operate, robust and built to last. They are designed to be used even in the harshest environments and we are confident that they will perform reliably for you, regardless of where in the world you use them. All Remvox products carry a minimum 12 month warranty in order to protect your investment in them.

Like all of the best things in life they appreciate a bit of care and attention and we recommend that you have them regularly serviced and maintained to make sure that you get the best from them and that your system is operational at all times.

Our trained engineers can carry out an annual service on your Remvox equipment at a surprisingly low cost, giving you complete peace of mind that your system is always working at it’s best.

Our engineers carry all the necessary spares to ensure that, in the event of a fault developing, your system is back up and running in the minimum time possible. For smaller products we do not normally do field repairs due to the complexity of the systems. In the event of those units going faulty, the whole unit will be immediately replaced and the faulty unit returned to our factory for diagnostic investigation and repair.