Remvox Grows Following NATEP Funding

Remvox featured in the Winter Edition of Plane Talk

North West based specialist electronic company Remvox Ltd have had to find bigger premises following the success of a NATEP funded project. The company who were originally operating from an ex Town Hall have grown to the extent that they now need a much bigger premises from which to operate. Their new site at Leyland (pictured) has been adapted to provide additional office and manufacturing space that also includes a specific UAV development workshop.

Remvox are the lead NATEP funded partner in a collaborative project with Lancaster based RNC Avionics to develop a payload for UAVs. The payload is designed to find and identify live and dead bodies on land and water during Search and Rescue missions. The project includes live streaming of camera footage to a mobile ground station and the use of intelligent analytics software to quickly identify potential targets. It is anticipated that such an application could drastically reduce search time and potentially save lives.

Remvox Chief Executive, Steve Pearson said “The support and funding from NATEP has been crucial to getting this project off the ground, literally. We hope that the work it has allowed us to do will eventually lead to lives being saved”.