Remvox RemView


  • Compact and portable

    RemView is small, relatively lightweight and portable but still has very high specifications with a high-definition camera, intelligent detection, built-in infra-red illumination and on board recording and image transmission.

  • Rapid Deployment Solution

    Using Remvox’s innovative temporary and permanent mounting systems RemView units can be deployed and operational in a matter of minutes. They are quick and inexpensive to install and simple to redeploy if your needs change.

  • Uses intelligent video analytics to detect intruders

    Integrated video analytics software provides reliable intruder detection and control room notification of images recorded when detection occurs.

  • On-board recording and Cloud storage of images

    Utilising 3G / 4G connectivity RemView can store video footage in the Cloud for up to 12 months if required as well as providing on-board video recording as a back-up solution.

  • Remote viewing from a smartphone or tablet

    Remvox Cloud viewing software enables viewing, configuration and retrieval of video recordings via a smartphone or tablet.

  • Solar powered

    Utilising the Remvox solar solution as an option, RemView units can be operational 24/7 where grid power isn’t available.

  • Fully compatible with other Remvox products

    Can be used in conjunction with RemGuard to eliminate gaps in your camera coverage or cover blind spots on sites. Can also be used in conjunction with our patented audio intervention speakers giving full command and control.